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Whangdoodle’s Web Services: Bringing the ‘Name Your Own Price’ Model to Domain Name Services

Whangdoodle's Web Services

Imagine a domain name registrar offering the best domain name services available combined with 24/7/365 telephone customer support.  Now, imagine you can tell this company how much you want to pay for their services?  Finally, imagine this company actually changing their pricing to suit you in hopes of earning your business?  Sound to good to be true?  Oh, it gets better!  What if this company was already real?  Well, if Whangdoodle's Web Services can pull off their plan then it is.  Created in the midst of quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has one goal: to provide the most comprehensive and affordable domain, website, hosting, security, marketing, and email services on the web with dedicated telephone customer service where you never have to wait on hold.  Let's talk a little about the services they offer.