You are currently viewing Joaquin Phoenix’s New Joker’s Laugh is Now a Ringtone for iPhone & Android!

Joaquin Phoenix’s New Joker’s Laugh is Now a Ringtone for iPhone & Android!

By now we’ve all seen the trailer for the new Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix and heard the clip of his maniacal laughter.  Rumors have it that Joaquin studied people diagnosed with pathological laughter, or PBA, pseudobulbar affect.  It’s also been documented that he wouldn’t have accepted the role as Joker unless he could find the perfect laugh for his rendition of the character.  Here’s a clip of the laugh below:



The instant I heard this laugh I thought it would make a killer ringtone.  So, I made one and I’ve decided to share it with you…

Click the link below, and after a brief visit to PayPal, you’ll be taken to my Google Drive where you can download the m4a file.

Joker’s Laugh Ringtone – iOS/Android


Here’s how to get it on your phone:

  1. Click link to download the m4a file from Google Drive.
  2. Save the file to your desktop.
  3. Open iTunes or Kies.
  4. Drag the file to the Tones folder.
  5. Sync your device.
  6. Select ringtone from your available options on your device.
  7. Enjoy!


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