Success Stories & Feedback From Readers…

“Many thanks for your e-book, which I’ve bought and really enjoyed reading. I look forward to your new books, and hope to see them soon. Good luck with the print versions – I would love to buy these as gifts and for my kids as well. Have to say that while your material is easy to read, it really deserves repeated reading and reflecting. You are definitely onto something; I hope you’ve received a good number of orders as it is particularly appropriate during these potentially challenging times. To be honest, thanks to your material, I haven’t lost a penny (my physician colleagues are consoling themselves about having to work till their mid-70’s as retirement is now almost a dream). I continue to read and learn from it – please keep me up-to-date”
– Dr. Arooj M. Shaikh, MD Diagnostic Radiology from Buffalo, NY

“I just finished reading your book. I was sucked in from the beginning because I am one of these people collecting knowledge through self help methods but never actually practicing what I learn. Through this book I came to realize that there must be a reason for me not acting. I keep on gathering material because I must be afraid of something. I don’t know what I am afraid of amd what is holding me back from acting but I came to realize that it doesn’t matter (for now). I am just gonna do what I have to do and become the best me possible through study AND action. A lot of what you wrote in the book is not new to me (I read Hill, Bandler, Robbins, etc…) but the way you put all of this together is really worth the quest. I am going to read this book several times aq it doe not take too much time but there is probably something here and there I must have skipped or I didn’t put enough focus on. So thank you again for your help so far.”
– Raphael Doukkali from Strasbourg, France

“I am reading your books. And I am really enjoying them. I like the language that you use and the way in which one you describe your ideas. I didn’t still finished my reading for two reasons: – Fir(st) … Because English is not my daily language and I don’t want to lose any detail of your words due to my language’s ignorance. – Second … Because I am really enjoying my reading. And if I enjoy something I prefer to handle it with the enough time (just like if you were eating a delicious ice cream of passion fruit in a hot day … I don’t know if you understand me). Thanks again. Hugs.” – Isabel Trindade, Venezuela

“While we cannot overhaul our training programs immediately, we can put together a memo with our suggestions for incorporating some of your principles in new-hire training in our call centers across [edited]. My colleagues here are excited to read your material, because it speaks in everyday terms, rather than lofty concepts that need a literary degree (or one in psychology) to fully comprehend. If we had our way (hehehehehe) your ebook would be purchased and delivered to all of our agents who man the phones.”
– Reader requested anonymity

“Not only is the title of your book a stroke of genius, your book stays away from the self-help aspect and deals with the science and psychology behind why your philosophy works. In my opinion, it’s right on and you definitely have something here. I have read it many times.”
– Bruce Fletcher from Madison, WI

“It was my pleasure purchasing your book i had recommended it to a few friends also… all the very best, your writing style is very simple and has great power.”
– Chandra Gunputh from Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

“Your book is a fast read and it’s worth far more than I paid for it. I sure am glad I found your site and your books as I’ve been looking for something like them for a long time.”
– Charlene Jackson from Milwaukee, WI

“I’ve read your book several times now and every time I do I get that little pick-me-up that I’ve never found in another self-help book. Thank you!”
– Janice Beecham from New Orleans, LA

“It’s clear you take this topic seriously and that you spent a lot of time in the preparation of your work.”
– Jon Runyan from Boise, ID

“I loved your take on what the subconscious mind is. I never thought about it that way.”
– Chad Bernard from Northfield, MN

“You write with a nice mix of humor and seriousness and you have a gift with words.”
– Jenny Binsacca from Reno, NV

“I printed out the last page of your e-book and stuck it on my mirror…”
– Liz Olsen from Sacramento, CA

“At first I was scared because I knew I had to change. I’m still scared but your book is helping me see the problems in my life in a new way. I hope to be one of your Escape Velocity students.”
– Reader requested anonymity

“This e-book is a much-needed ‘pick-me-up’ and ‘self-pep-talk’ that will increase your levels of self-confidence and self-assurance… and, it will motivate you to charge down a new path and achieve your goals, even the ones that seem so far away.”
– Karl Grey from Boston, MA

“I really enjoyed reading your book. Thanks for discussing a topic that nobody else wants to touch. It seems more and more fitting considering the strange times we’re living in. I just placed my order for a premium edition and will give it to my teenage son as I think he is in need of some guidance now.”
– Molly G. from Spokane, WA