Escape Velocity Coaching

J.D.’s writing is heavily influenced by the world’s greatest philosophers, warriors, leaders, psychologists, athletes, and motivators, and his ability to synthesize his own unique and effective success philosophy is truly masterful. Some of J.D.’s readers and coaching students are professional athletes, actors, artists, and medical/clinical practitioners from all over the globe. J.D.’s writing and coaching style brings a fresh take on self-improvement and personal performance that is winning over readers every day.

The Escape Velocity Mentorship Program is a highly-personal and super-effective communication tool designed to enable you to unlock your personal success and performance potential. By providing you with one-on-one feedback and insight, J.D. can help you identify potential roadblocks and develop a solid game plan for breaking through them and pushing past failure to achieve your definite major purpose. No topic is off-limits and anything goes in these coaching sessions! Choose your style of communication that will work best for you and sign up by clicking the Buy Now button below:

Email Coaching – $50 per response

Skype Coaching – $150 per one (1) hour video call